New Classes Available in JMC

The JMC department is spicing things up for the students by bringing new classes to the table for the fall semester.

There are two Special Topics courses for the fall. These classes are not part of a regular class rotation, but are being offered on a trial basis. Dr. Kenneth Pybus is teaching Business Reporting, and Dr. Jessica Smith is teaching Social Media.

Isn’t it interesting that we know have a class that teaches about social media? No doubt this class sounds extremely appealing to college students. Social media is relevant to the majority of those here at ACU, so offering a class that “hits home” with students is something for us to be excited about.

Also, every semester the department offers a Race & Media Colloquy with a special guest speaker. The fall lecturer is Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez, a professor from Baylor’s Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media. Additionally, Doug Mendenhall is teaching JMC 302 Race & Media, a new course required for all JMC students on the 2013 catalog or newer.

With the passion to instilled in the professors, faculty and staff in the JMC department, new classes are being offered for us to enjoy and learn from. Students might as well take advantage of such great opportunities.


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