Hands On Experience Pays Off


The ACU journalism department is a program that allows students to excel by having only not a successful variety of classes, but by having strong hands on experience. The school itself provides a small environment for students to learn in, and it allows students to actually gain hands-on-experience for whatever their major is.

For students who want to become writers, editors or directors, the JMC department has the student run newspaper, The Optimist. This allows students to work and gain the experience of operating in a real life job. The students are allowed to see and observe how the newspaper works and operates. It gives them a jump-start into practicing what their major teaches them.

For students who are interested in news, broadcasting or production, the JMC department offers the newscast/sportscast for them to get involved in. This opportunity is great because it allows the students to work in the media and get to practice what they will do outside of school. For the news/sportscast, the anchors report, write and announce the weekly news piece. The opportunities don’t just stop here. There are many more options and choices available for students to choose from to are involved.

The great options that the JMC allows students to get involved in are highly recommended and useful because you are able to practice as you learn. Not many schools allow you to do that. In most cases, students will take classes all four years and learn about the job. Once they graduate, they search for a job and learn on the spot what they learned in college.

The JMC department is outstanding at preparing students for jobs and living life outside of college. If it weren’t for the small, hardworking and gracious community that ACU has to offer, the success of ACU alumni after their college years would look different.


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