The History of Wedding Planners

What shaped the industry for wedding planners?

In the past a wedding has been something that the family did together, something that if you are on a budget stays very low key and simple. One thing that really began the trend of a formal and over the top wedding was the Royals. says, “Royal weddings have always been large events throughout history, from Alexander the Great’s marriage to a Persian princess down to our era’s William-and-Kate extravaganza.”

As we look back into the history books most royal weddings were very public. Therefore, these weddings had to be flawless, because who wants to see a wedding on TV without flowers or a lost FOB, Father of the Bride. Not just anyone can put together a flawless royal wedding; it takes a very talented team of event planners. This is where the event planning industry took off.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics identified 94,200 meeting, event, and convention planners in 2014,” said

This is a very impressive number for how small the field has been until recently. Not only is a wedding planner not essential but also very unpractical for couples on a budget.

So why do so many people want to plan weddings?

Now like the royals people want the look of that “flawless” wedding. They see the royal and celebrity weddings and want to get as close as they can to their perfect wedding. Brides will ALWAYS want their special day to be stress free and perfect and that is where event planners come in. So aspiring event/wedding planners get ready because our market is getting even bigger.


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