My Summer Internship

As a JMC alumni, do you ever regret not taking the opportunity to spend your internships doing something you truly enjoy? I don’t know about you, but I wanted to have that experience. This past summer I had the opportunity to go out on several of my friends’ boats and got to experience what it’s like to live it up on the lake. We would tube, surf, and even wakeboard; it was a blast!

After one particularly exciting summer evening on the lake, I thought to myself, “What if I had the opportunity to intern for a boat dealership?” Little did I know that during the same time this coming summer I would receive the chance to work as an advertising/marketing intern for Buxton Marine Sales.

My Future Role at Buxton Marine Sales

Next summer, I will be assisting Buxton Marine with the distribution and delivery of marketing materials. I will also be supporting their social media efforts by working to improve the official website, as well as the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. I will also have the opportunity to assist in event and boat show planning. One of the most important roles I will take on for Buxton Marine will be attempting to improve the customer relations and promotion strategies. This internship will definitely keep my on my toes, but I am excited to learn and receive experience throughout this coming summer, as well as hopefully improving the advertisement and public relations for this company.

My Purpose in this Internship

I am taking on this internship to learn and to prepare myself for my future in advertising and public relations. I hope that through this experience with Buxton Marine I will learn strategies to improve the communication and advertising aspects of a company, as well as any secondary skills that may aide my professionalism. I believe this opportunity will not only help me to grow in my professional experience, but will also hopefully improve the advertisement and relational aspect for Buxton Marine Sales.

Tags: Buxton Marine Sales, Summer Internship, Advertising and Public Relations


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