Changing With The Times

Life as a JMC major seems to be easy enough. While other students worry about chemistry labs, I worry about Photoshop labs. While some students write term papers over Shakespeare, I write papers about how Facebook and Twitter have changed the world. We as journalism majors have what I see as the best major on campus.

Now you’re probably expecting me to say something along the lines of, “That wasn’t the case 20 years ago…” Well you’re wrong. I’m not going to say that because even back then, JMC majors here at ACU still had the best degrees on campus. Many of the professors in this department are alumni. They all seem to have gone through the same classes I’m going through, the same headaches I get from homework they’ve done years prior, and the same sense of pride I will eventually have with that journalism degree hanging on my wall.

I, along with everyone else in this department, have taken at least one of Doug Mendenhall’s classes. Media Issues is usually the first taste freshman get to the world we call home. Professor Mendenhall is a 1982 graduate from ACU. After his time spent as a reporter for newspapers in Abilene, Nashville, Decatur, and Huntsville, he decided to become a professor for the department in 2008. One of the major changes here would obviously be the technology. Mendenhall says much has changed since he sat at these desks. “Today the reality of JMC network shows how far we’ve come.” We all know that in this day and age if you don’t move with times, you’ll get left behind.

Life in the Don Morris Center can be one of excitement, pressure, enthusiasm, and stress. Those things surely haven’t changed. For those of us brave enough, or maybe rather slightly crazy enough, to tackle this degree receive much more than a piece of paper. We get the chance to watch as this department changes along side of us. Being a JMC major is one of those things you’ll say with a smile. Professor Mendenhall still does.


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