The Versatility of a Mass Comm Degree

Being a student is scary these days. The price of attending college is consistently rising, while the job market is getting more and more competitive. With the additional costs of going to a private school, the fear of looming student debt is very real. As my graduation date creeps nearer and nearer, the view of all my student loans shifts from imaginary numbers to a tangible number that has admittedly kept me awake at night. One thought that tends to keep me calm during pillow panic attacks is the wide demand for mass communication majors.

I’ve seen the versatility that an ACU education in mass communication can provide first hand. My father graduated from the department in 1976, and my sister in 2001. Out of college my father was in charge of advertising for a local photography store chain. He left that job to work for the Texas Senate, representing two different senators in two different political parties. From there he left to be Dean then Provost of Abilene TSTC. Though at the surface those jobs have nothing in common, his education at ACU has empowered him with the skills and flexibility to transition from leadership role to leadership role.

Communication is a universal need through which JMC graduates can leverage a meaningful competitive advantage. Small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, government, education, health care…the list goes on. I have difficulty thinking of a career path in which I won’t be able to market the things I’ve learned here. The skills we are taught here are not only in high demand for business but also for civic life. Everyday for the rest of my life I will be faced with situations where effective communication is necessary. These are the thoughts I try to dwell on when I get scared of the real world and the uncertainties it presents.


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