Admiration in My Major Field

I am in a very competitive major field as a woman. Broadcast journalism has grown so much over the past few years and more women are becoming a part of it. The competition for jobs as a woman in sports is very difficult. The idea of a woman being on national television for sports has its specific critiques. The woman must be good looking in appearance, know what she’s talking about, and be willing to travel from game to game all season long. Among the many women who I see do this job on TV, there is one that stands out to me the most, Samantha Ponder.

I started following Samantha about two years ago. At the time her name was Samantha Steele; few years later she married and became Samantha Ponder. I noticed her genuine and relaxed character. She was so confident in what her job and her hard work. I began researching her and learning more about who she was. I learned that Samantha Ponder isn’t just a woman who was trying to be seen on TV by thousands of people, but she is a woman of God who truly cares for people and her work.

As a woman in the media, there can be pressure and moments when your faith is put at stake. Sometimes, you see women deny it or brush it to the side. Other times, you’ll see women stand up for what they believe in and still follow their passions.

Being involved with the media, you can be tested. You’re true self can blend or form into someone who you’re truly not, just to be someone who you want to be. That’s not the case for Samantha Ponder. She knows who she is. She knows what she believes in. She stands up for what she believes in. One of the most remarkable things I think she has done, is express her faith on her social website. Sam knows thousands of people will see that. However, it doesn’t stop her from expressing her heart for the Lord, and who He is.


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